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Quinovic Viaduct manages quality private apartments and townhouses in the central Auckland area and adjoining suburbs.

Full payment at time of booking credit card a surcharge applies of 3% for MasterCard, Visa & AMEX.

All prices quoted on this website are in NZ dollars.

Minimum stay of one week applies, properties serviced weekly including full linen change.

Check in is 2.00 pm, collect your keys from our office which is open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30 pm. Check out is 10.00am.

Special arrangements required for weekend or after hours arrival.

PropertyLocationMax GuestsBedroomsBathrooms
Wynyard Central 304/85 GH110835Viaduct Harbour422
Wood 1 GH110602Freemans Bay | Ponsonby | Grey Lynn632
Whitaker Park 1502 GH110804University | Legal District | Britomart422
Viaduct Point 517 GH110799Viaduct Harbour211
Viaduct Point 305 GH110743Viaduct Harbour211
The Point 316 GH110498Viaduct Harbour211
The Point 111 GH110317Viaduct Harbour211
The Parc | Lumina Penthouse 4B GH110618Viaduct Harbour422
The Edgerley G03/14 GH110832Parnell | Mt Eden | Newmarket211
The Docks 718/6 GH110837CBD | Downtown421
The Artisan 202/141 GH110815Viaduct Harbour211
Sugar Tree Centro 819 GH110752CBD | Downtown211
Stamford Plaza 1712 GH110621CBD | Downtown633
Shangri La Residences 5 GH110834Herne Bay | St Marys Bay622
Sebel 318 GH110603Viaduct Harbour211
Sebel 217 GH110749Viaduct Harbour322
Seaview 11B GH110625CBD | Downtown421
Sale 502/52 GH110813CBD | Downtown532
Sale 302 GH110774CBD | Downtown211
Queens 2210 GH110806CBD | Downtown422
Quay West 2102 GH110741CBD | Downtown211
Princes Wharf 8/22 GH110805Viaduct Harbour211
Princes Wharf 71/23 GH110338Viaduct Harbour632
Princes Wharf 64/23 GH110363Viaduct Harbour422
Princes Wharf 59/20 GH110263Viaduct Harbour211
Princes Wharf 53A/20 GH110366Viaduct Harbour211
Princes Wharf 47/20 GH110838Viaduct Harbour422
Princes Wharf 43/20 GH110827Viaduct Harbour211
Princes Wharf 38/20 GH110379Viaduct Harbour422
Princes Wharf 37/22 GH110742Viaduct Harbour211
Princes Wharf 35/20 GH110787Viaduct Harbour422
Princes Wharf 34/20 GH110494Viaduct Harbour211
Princes Wharf 33/22 GH110821Viaduct Harbour211
Princes Wharf 31/22 GH110581Viaduct Harbour211
Princes Wharf 31/20 GH110378Viaduct Harbour422
Princes Wharf 3/22 GH110707Viaduct Harbour211
Princes Wharf 3/19 GH110700Viaduct Harbour211
Princes Wharf 21/22 GH110791Viaduct Harbour422
Princes Wharf 2/22 GH110423Viaduct Harbour211
Princes Wharf 18A/19 GH110748Viaduct Harbour211
Princes Wharf 15/23 GH110329Viaduct Harbour211
Princes Wharf 14/24 GH110841Viaduct Harbour211
Perspective 502 GH110530Freemans Bay | Ponsonby | Grey Lynn422
Perspective 406 GH110840Freemans Bay | Ponsonby | Grey Lynn21
Penningtons 7 GH110793Freemans Bay | Ponsonby | Grey Lynn421
Parnell Towers 2C GH110253Parnell | Mt Eden | Newmarket422
Park Residences 2204 GH110796CBD | Downtown122
Park Residences 106 GH110796CBD | Downtown422
Mirage 801/88 GH110721Parnell | Mt Eden | Newmarket211
Mirage 606/86 GH110564Parnell | Mt Eden | Newmarket422
Metropolis 906 GH110705CBD | Downtown211
Metropolis 811 GH110520CBD | Downtown422
Metropolis 3101 GH110466CBD | Downtown632
Metropolis 2509 GH110445CBD | Downtown211
Metropolis 2507 GH110778CBD | Downtown211
Metropolis 2310 GH110712CBD | Downtown211
Metropolis 2005 GH110491CBD | Downtown211
Metropolis 1910 GH110737CBD | Downtown211
Metropolis 1810 GH110696CBD | Downtown211
Metropolis 1210 GH110722CBD | Downtown211
Market 5B/24 GH110730Viaduct Harbour422
London 2/7 GH110822CBD | Downtown422
Lighter Quay 615S GH110531Viaduct Harbour211
Lighter Quay 610S GH110586Viaduct Harbour421
Lighter Quay 608S GH110328Viaduct Harbour832
Lighter Quay 603S GH110479Viaduct Harbour421
Lighter Quay 602S GH110377Viaduct Harbour211
Lighter Quay 510S GH110487Viaduct Harbour622
Lighter Quay 503H GH110369Viaduct Harbour211
Lighter Quay 502S GH110292Viaduct Harbour632
Lighter Quay 409S GH110680Viaduct Harbour422
Lighter Quay 404H GH110250Viaduct Harbour411
Lighter Quay 311S GH110785Viaduct Harbour211
Lighter Quay 309S GH110690Viaduct Harbour422
Lighter Quay 2A/87 North GH110Viaduct Harbour422
Lighter Quay 217H GH110772Viaduct Harbour422
Lighter Quay 215P GH110763Viaduct Harbour211
Lighter Quay 212P GH110819Viaduct Harbour211
Lighter Quay 210S GH110503Viaduct Harbour832
Lighter Quay 207P GH110343Viaduct Harbour211
Lighter Quay 206H GH110767Viaduct Harbour211
Lighter Quay 203SViaduct Harbour421
Lighter Quay 203PT GH110568Viaduct Harbour211
Lighter Quay 110P GH110684Viaduct Harbour422
Lighter Quay 103P GH110330Viaduct Harbour422
Kingsbridge 3G GH110814CBD | Downtown211
Hobson on Quays 1A GH110771CBD | Downtown422
Heritage 803H GH110510CBD | Downtown422
Heritage 708T GH110484CBD | Downtown211
Heritage 601T GH110553CBD | Downtown211
Heritage 421H GH110636CBD | Downtown211
Heritage 417H GH110579CBD | Downtown211
Heritage 1208T GH110573CBD | Downtown211
Heritage 1207T GH110574CBD | Downtown211
Hargreaves 5H GH110811Herne Bay | St Marys Bay422
Hargreaves 5G GH110812Herne Bay | St Marys Bay632
Hargreaves 5E GH110809Herne Bay | St Marys Bay422
Hargreaves 5D GH110810Herne Bay | St Marys Bay422
Grand Chancellor 705 GH110817CBD | Downtown211
Grand Chancellor 704 GH110739CBD | Downtown421
Courtville 32/11 GH110512University | Legal District | Britomart211
Connaught PHE GH110441University | Legal District | Britomart411
Connaught 7A GH110118University | Legal District | Britomart211
Connaught 3L GH110645University | Legal District | Britomart211
Connaught 2D GH110674University | Legal District | Britomart211
Connaught 10C GH110560University | Legal District | Britomart211
Columbia 2U GH110067CBD | Downtown111
City Life 1005 GH110823CBD | Downtown211
Brixton 9A GH110433Parnell | Mt Eden | Newmarket211
Beaumont Quarter 66 GH110645Freemans Bay | Ponsonby | Grey Lynn632
Beaumont Quarter 52 GH110803Freemans Bay | Ponsonby | Grey Lynn421
Argent PHB GH110134University | Legal District | Britomart211
Argent 14D GH110549University | Legal District | Britomart211

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